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College Prep Outreach Activities

The College Prep Outreach Programs operate during both the fall and spring semesters.Outreach events promote leadership development and teambuilding, specifically through cooperative games facilitated by Educational Mentor/Tutors (EMTs) on UNM’s campus as well as off site at schools and community organizations to promote student success and post-secondary education.

College Prep Programs (CPP) hires and trains Educational Mentors/Tutors (EMTs) to visit and collaborate with different schools and community partners throughout Albuquerque and the state of New Mexico. The EMTs are an integral part of the program not only because they are the engine that makes the program function, but also because they serve as role models for the students with whom they work. EMTs come from different backgrounds and have personally experienced some of the same challenges their protégées are currently experiencing. Through mentoring and motivating the youth at the different schools, our EMTs are setting an example of success. EMTs are selected based on their experience, desire to work with students, and their academic excellence.

Outreach events are multifaceted and applicable to a wide variety of individuals. Outreach consists of: the low ropes course, cooperative games, as well as assistance with college awareness and readiness through presentations and workshops. Throughout the academic year different schools and/or community organizations request to work with CPP and participate in the low ropes or cooperative games.*

  • Cooperative Games or initiative games are used to test a group's ability to communicate with each other, follow directions, and work together to solve a mentally difficult problem. Also, other games that contribute to build a sense of team and cooperation are used to accomplish this. The specific game is chosen depending on the need of the particular group participating and their age level. They often include warm-up activities that develop the basic skills which will be utilized during low ropes course elements as well as follow-up conversations, or processing, to allow the group to discuss how the games can be used in future to help the group work better as a team.
  • Low Ropes Course strives to address trust, compromise, and problem solving that enable individuals and groups to grow and benefit from a supportive group situation. The course consists of 17 elements constructed from poles, cables, ropes, and concrete blocks which are 12-18 inches off the ground. The completion of each element requires the energy and effort of each and every team member.
  • College awareness and readiness presentations and workshops- Topics include scholarships, resume writing, college application process, FAFSA, and career interests, writing a personal statement, interview skills and campus tours.

Interested in setting up an event for your students?

Click here to submit an event request form to CPP. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response from CPP. Event requests should be submited at least 30 days in advance. Each request is approved on a case by case basis. 

*Because of safety and effectiveness, CPP can currently only offer cooperative games and low ropes for participants in 6th grade and older.