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Community Outreach & Campus Visits

The College Prep Outreach Programs operates year round and focuses on promoting student success and post-secondary education through workshops, campus visits and cooperative activities.
UNM Campus Visit - The College Prep Programs helps facilitate campus visit for student groups and schools. Each visit is planned specifically for the group visiting and can include, campus tours, student panels, cooperative activities, college & career readiness presentations and UNM program presentations. COST: FREE!
WEEKLY HOURS AVAILABLE: Monday 10am-5pm, Wednesday 9am-5pm & Friday's 9am-1pm 

Cooperativee Activities - Cooperative Games or initiative games are used to test a group's ability to communicate with each other, follow directions, and work together to solve a mentally difficult problem. The specific games are chosen depending on the need of the particular group participating and their age level. They often include warm-up activities that develop the basic skills which will be utilized during the activities as well as follow-up conversations, or processing, to allow the group to discuss how the games can be used in future to help the group work better as a team. COST: FREE!
WEEKLY HOURS AVAILABLE: Monday 10am-5pm, Wednesday 9am-5pm & Friday's 9am-1pm

College Awareness & Readiness Presentations - The College Prep Programs offers college & career readiness presentations both on and off campus for student groups and schools. Presentations are specifically prepared for each group. Topics include but are not limited to, College 101, Paying for College, Writing Scholarship Essays, Interview Skills and Resume Writing. COST: FREE!

Summer Residential Programs - Partner with the College Prep Programs to host your student group at the University of New Mexico. Each summer the College Prep Programs offers multiple college and career readiness summer residential programs. In addition to regular programming you can work with the College Prep Programs to build a custom and immersive summer program for your students that prepares them for college and allows them to have a real college experience. Prices for programming vary depending on the size of the group and length of the programming. COST: VARIES