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Summer Law Camp


The goal of the program is to promote and encourage New Mexico resident participation in the legal profession through early intervention with middle school students. Participants of the program receive information about the application and admissions processes to higher education, and are presented with information regarding the requirements to be admitted to UNM’s Law School.

Other integral program components include: a five-day stay at the University’s dormitories, educational field trips to the different courthouses in Albuquerque, philanthropy, college readiness preparation curriculum, leadership skills, team building exercises, and law preparation curriculum presented by a practicing local attorney. The program concludes with a mock trial presented at the District Courthouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico in front of an official courthouse judge and a jury made up of professional lawyers.

Summer Law Camp Flyer

Click here for a printable PDF!


  • A New Mexico resident and a current 6th or 7th grade student who will begin 7th or 8th grade in the fall.
  • Demonstrate an intense interest in the field of law through an essay which is part of the application.

Summer Law Camp Application

The Summer Law Application is now available to file online! Click below to apply online. 


If you prefer to file a paper version application you still can.
Click HERE for the PDF version or HERE for the doc. version. 

Contact Information

  • Stacy Collier
  • Phone: 505-277-0401
  • Fax: 505-277-3165